Tours and Consulting


Our farm’s direct marketing model is based on transparency. We love for our customers to come see where their food is coming from! All the group tours and consulting are by appointment only.

Self Guided Tours- free

The Wednesday On Farm Market is a great time to come take a stroll, pick up some fresh produce and baked goods, and see the farmers in action during a productive work day. We are open 9:00 – 12:00 on Wednesday mornings April through December. Please be mindful that the farmers are working diligently. We are happy to answer a few questions while we work, however we can’t stop to give a tour without prior notice.

If you’d like to do a self guided tour of the farm on another day, please call ahead of time. We have dogs that are not the friendliest and we need to put them up when people visit the farm.

School Groups – $6 per person, including supervising adults. Or a flat rate of $200 for groups over 50 people

Tours for schools groups last a little over an hour and include a tour of the whole farm. Growing practices, animal husbandry, composting, and greenhouse work  are all covered. Your group is welcome to use our picnic tables and grassy areas to eat lunch if you’d like to bring your own for an additional fee, depending on the group size.

Garden Clubs and other Adult Groups- $8 per person (minimum of 10 people). Groups smaller than 10 will be $75 for the group.

These tours will last about an hour. We will walk you around vegetable fields and our fruit orchard, discussing most aspects of the farm including growing practices, increasing soil fertility through compost, cover crops and amendments, and animal husbandry.

Want to start your own farm or need help making your garden more productive?

We are happy to talk with potential farmers or land owners who are looking to start a farm. With 11 years of growing experience,  we’ve learned heaps through our successes and failures. However, it has taken 11 years to obtain our insights. Farming on a small scale requires knowledge in a lot of areas: soil fertility, crop production practices, marketing, business, etc. and it takes a lot of time to soak up all this information. If you are on limited income and want to learn how to farm, a season or more of apprenticing is our recommendation. As an apprentice on our farm, you would learn all aspects of running your own farm during a 10 month season.

Nothing beats experience, but paying for a consultation is simply a way for you to obtain much of this information in a short amount of time.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll determine a cost based on your needs. If you are young/low income we will help you for a reduced rate.

Basic initial consultation fees:

If we come to your farm/land: $60 per hour (plus travel costs if more than 30 minutes from our farm).

If you would like to come here to get a tour of our farm and talk about possibilities for setting up your farm , it’s $50 for 1.5 hours.

8 thoughts on “Tours and Consulting

  1. I am looking for a farm to bring my 1.5 year old son. He is particularly interested in animals and so I was wondering if you allow feeding or petting of the animals on your farm? If not, do you know of a place that does?

    • Hi Marissa,
      You are welcome to bring your son to come see the pigs and chickens at our farm. Although neither lend themselves much to petting, some pigs will come up to the fence and yall are welcome to touch them. Just be aware that they will bite- not to be mean but searching for something tasty to eat! We do give them treats of fruits, veggies, breads, etc. so if we have any of those things around, just let us know you want to feed them and we’ll get it for you.
      Wednesday is the best time to come, as that’s the day we are open here for our On Farm market and we keep the dogs up that day. If there’s another day you’d like to come, be sure to let me know so I can put our dogs up. They are very weary of people walking around on the farm.
      I know throughout the month of October, Oakhurst Farm just down the road has animals, a corn maze, and pumpkin patch. That may be more of what you are looking for. We’ve actually loaned them two of our pigs for the animal part, so you’d see pigs, bunnies, goats, sheep, ducks, and cows!

      • Thank you so much! We will definitely be taking a trip on a Wednesday, but might do a family weekend trip at Oakhurst this season. Thanks, again!

  2. My daughter and I were at your farm this past Saturday with the Girl Scouts. Thank you for opening your farm to all of us!! It was a pleasure and I personally enjoyed the tour! It was quite interesting and I look forward to either joining the CSA or seeing you on Market Saturdays here in Columbus. It is wonderful to still see a farm that sells direct to consumers in this day and age and I wish you continued success. Thanks again!

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