Some comments from our customers that we are proud to share:

“We have enjoyed every single thing about our CSA participation this fall. Everything was delicious fresh and fun to cook. Thanks for the relish and the sweet potato butter is delicious!!! We will eagerly await next season.

Thank you so much for sharing your harvest with us. We feel like we are a part of y’all now that we have had a season with you.

Organic and fresh makes a huge difference.  Y’all make a huge difference.”


“My experience has been anticipation and excitement to bring home a bag of goodies just like it were Christmas! Pulling all the fresh produce out of the bag and laying it out on the counter is both a feast for our eyes as well as our table.” -Beth

“That head of lettuce we received on Tuesday is darn near one of the most beautiful things ever to grow on this earth:) “ – Bethany

“I have to return the thanks by thanking you for providing the opportunity for us to eat fresh, locally grown food.  It has made such a difference in our lives and going to the market every Saturday is my daughter’s favorite part of the week.
We had to stop by the grocery store yesterday for a couple things.  When we passed the broccoli, Adah told me we didn’t need any because Mrs. Jenny’s broccoli was better.  That came out of the mouth of our 2 year old!  She knows you grow our food and you play an integral part in our diet.  We joined the CSA when she was born.  We joined because we questioned everything we would have to feed her.  After giving it much thought, if we weren’t willing to feed our daughter prepackaged baby food – why should we eat the same way?  All she has known is fresh from your farm.  Her first food was your butternut squash and it remains to be her favorite.
Thank you for enriching our lives.” -Andy

“ I used both of these recipes you sent this week with awesome results! Thanks for always sharing helpful ideas and recipes for our items each week.”  –Ashley

“You guys have completely outdone yourselves with the pork…we had some sausage this morning and even my husband noticed the difference and he typically notices nothing.  It is so clean, none of the fatty aftertaste, my stomach feels calm and I can hardly wait to try the ham.” -Constance

“I have to tell you that last year when I joined the CSA for the fall harvest my husband was very skeptical about “organic vs non-organic”..and what was the difference between farm fresh and what you could buy at the grocery…well no more…he is Jenny Jack Sun Farms biggest fan…he said one night at supper..”how can lettuce taste this good?” then another night: “I never really liked spinach until now”…:) we got us a convert.” -Susan

“OMG ! These are the best carrots I have ever eaten. I mean ever. Thank you for growing them !!”


One thought on “Testify!

  1. Another splendid year of absolutely colorful abundant diverse vegetables and fruits. Did some rejoicing at the grocers yesterday as strolling through the produce section realized that thanks to JennyJack SunFarms we have most of what we need! Rejoiced more in the 10 items or less check out! I do not say it often enough ……you guys are incredible, Thank You both for all you do! you make our lives better in many ,many ways…..Please keep on keeping on!

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