good food news

We are open Wednesday morning from 9-12. Below is what you will find at our market. The next on-farm Saturday morning market is Saturday September 7th.

Here’s what’s on the table this week:

Tomatoes!: Big Red Slicers, ‘Juliets’ & ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’, Sungold orange cherry tomatoes, Japanese Lettuce, Asian Stir-Fry Greens, Hibiscus Leaves (Tart, lemony flavor, good added to salads), Microgreens, Pea Shoots, Okra, Sweet peppers, Hot Peppers, Shishito Peppers, Aji Dulce Peppers (Habanero flavor without the heat!) Eggplant, Basil, Onions, Garlic, Lettuce, Flower Bouquets and Farm-Made Chocolate (made here!) with farm grown flavors like strawberry, ginger, and rosemary mint.

Yogurt & Granola from Pecan Point Farm, Meat and Eggs from Turntime Farm, Lamb from Fall Line Farm in Auburn, Local Honey from Mica Hill Farm, Turmeric Golden Paste, Goat Cheese from Bulger Creek Farm,  Goddess Ghee, clarified butter made from grass-fed cow’s milk.  Basil Pesto (Our Basil!), Sundried Tomato Pesto, Lemon Herb Salad Dressing, and Pimiento Cheese from Lauren’s Specialty Foods.

Sue’s B’s Granola Bars will be available as well as: Sourdough bread from Amazing Grace, Garlic Naan bread, and other baked goodies like scones, muffins, and sunflower seed cookies from Emerald Acres Farm.

CSA Sign-Ups Open Through August

We will be beginning our Fall CSA season the first week in September with the season ending near Christmas.

If you’d like to sign up, click here!

We are using a new program called Harvie which will allow members more autonomy in customizing their weekly share as well as adding on extra items to be brought to the pick up location, and options like vacation holds!

We took a trip to Chicago this week to visit our dear friends Will and Jane and meet their new baby boy Alder. We also got to see two past apprentices- Janice lives right there in Chicago and Brandon was an hour train ride to Milwaukee.

Japanese Lettuce and regular lettuce looking good under the shade tunnel. We have to run sprinklers in the afternoons to cool it off. Peppers and flowers offer a beautiful backdrop.


Two more weeks of On Farm Winter Market

Winter’s rest is almost over…..

Recently Chris and I have taken our fleeting chances to leave the farm for some long weekends. Once spring plantings are in full swing in March, we pretty much have a 6 month stretch of intense work and very little play. So we’ve each taken a trip separately with our best buds- Chris went to Asheville, NC with our friend Rick who was visiting from Barcelona, and I went to Chicago to see our friends Jane and Will. Chris and I also got away together for a long weekend with his family in Nashville.

Since we’ve added more chickens and 40 hogs to the farm, we find ourselves busier and more confined than we used to be when we were just growing produce, so making time for rest and friends/family has become more of a struggle, but so necessary to keep us going. We are so thankful that Brandon,our apprentice from last year, stayed through the winter. His dependable presence here has been key in us getting away. Also, my parents are always graciously willing to keep things watered and fed too. Fortunate farmers we are indeed!

On Farm Winter Market- 2 more weeks

We’ll be open 9-5 on Wednesdays through February, then we will close in March to focus on planting and preparing for our CSA to start in April. The On Farm market will re-open the first Wednesday of April (the 6th), and we will return to the Uptown Market in Columbus early to mid April.

*The winter market is help yourself, so please bring cash or check for payment as we are not always in the barn to run a card.*

This week, we’ll have Carrots, Spinach, Kale, Watermelon Radish, Mustard Greens, Lettuce, Rainbow Chard, Sunchokes, Collards,  Jean’s Microgreens, Limited Eggs, and Stone Ground Grits.

If you can’t make it to the market in the morning, feel free to call or text me to see if we are sold out before you drive on out: 706-333-4479.


We have already sold out of everything except the cured ham steaks. What a testament to the quality of this pork to sell everything so quickly during our slowest market season! Sorry if you missed out this harvest, but we will have more available when we open again on April 6th.

From the “Farmacy”…. Tinctures (Medicinal extracts of herbs): Ginger, Turmeric, Elderberry, and Holy Basil.   Comfrey- Aloe Cream for minor wounds, rashes and burns. All medicinal herbal products are made here with herbs/plants grown here. We ship the herbal products, so if you are out of town you can order these through our Etsy Shop


Jane and I on the Chicago lakefront. See those little ice cliffs there where the shore usually is?! It was a renewing time away with a friend who just radiates love and joy ALL the time! Jane is a hardcore body pump instructor , and I was humbled after taking her class. Any days I’ve felt stiff after squatting in the field can’t compare to how sore I was after her class.



We moved some hogs to a new woodlot for fresh foraging this morning. There are a few hundred yards between their old and new lots, so lots of room for them to depart from the intended trail.  Harold nipping at their heels was integral in keeping them moving in the right direction. Its so fascinating to watch him heel the hogs with no training whatsoever- just pure instinct!

take good care,

Jenny + Chris