good food news

The toilet at the farm has been uncooperative for the past two years, so today I finally allocated the time and a hundred bucks for a new one. Toilet shopping and installation surely debunks any romantic notion one might project onto organic farming… to read more click here Vol.4 #4 (5-4-11)

The Newcomers


Watch this short video clip to see our new apprentice, Janice, show off the newest additions to the Jenny Jack Sun Farm family– baby chickens! The chicks are in incubation as of now and will be joining the rest of our laying hens in another month or so. As any of you who have visited the farm know, our chickens are pastured and we move them to new pasture every one to two weeks. We move the chickens regularly to give them a new food source. In return, they help aerate and fertilize our land. The eggs from these chickens that are allowed plenty of sun, lots of roaming space and a well balanced diet are higher in many vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than traditional eggs from hens kept in confinement and exposed to artificial, continuous light. We hope you enjoy seeing our new chicks!