Organic Fertilizers

We are a dealer for 7 Springs Farm in Virginia. We keep a limited amount of products in stock here at the farm, such as organic fertilizers, worm castings, soil amendments, and pesticides. We can order anything from their catalog:

A couple of times a year (Winter and Summer), we organize a bulk order for farmers and gardeners in this area. This allows everyone to save on shipping! The next bulk order will happen 7/1/19.

Please email us to get more information about placing an order or to see what we have in stock right now.


8 thoughts on “Organic Fertilizers

    • Hey Ian,
      We just received our bulk order a couple of weeks ago. Typically we submit it at the first of Feb. Sorry you missed out on that one, but if you would like to get an order drop shipped directly to your farm, I’ll be happy to order for you. If your order is $300 or more, you’ll get the 10 % bulk discount (benefit of ordering through our farm as opposed to directly from 7 springs). Just let me know. thanks, Jenny

    • I’m sorry Jacque, but I have already placed the order. We do keep a few extra things in stock, such as the Harmony 5-4-3 and several organic pesticides, so let me know what you are looking for in case I have it here.
      Also, I can have an order drop shipped directly to you anytime so if you are interested in that I can get a quote on shipping for you.

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