Vol. 9 #1 (04-04-16)

Vol. 9 #1 (04-04-16)


2 thoughts on “Vol. 9 #1 (04-04-16)

  1. Oh Chris and Jenny Teamsummers is moving back to the area. We will be moving to Tuskegee Al. 94 acres so so nice. We’re excited to see your farm again.

  2. “Working alongside renewal exposes a gratifying depth that you just can’t get from a distance.”
    Chris Jackson, thank you. Your ability to put the action/ being/ thinking of farming and of enjoying our beautiful world (while also, sometimes, not enjoying it but loving it, still) makes ancient memories come alive. You remind us who we’re meant to be, or at least how we’re meant to process. I’m not sure work-ethic is a teachable thing but reading about y’all’s reminds me how important it is to pass it along to my kids in this world where people tend to grumble about work rather than sing. . . . I love all of what you wrote and the images evoked.

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