good food news

This time of year with cucumbers and squash fading fast and tomatoes abruptly acting inconsistent, we are thankful for summertime greens. Even with a bountiful summer harvest, leafy greens are still a nice addition…to read more click here Vol.11 #14(07-16-18)

3 thoughts on “good food news

  1. Hi Jenny;

    I’ll be coming to the on farm market tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to the tomato plants! I know I said I’d like 5 Beefsteaks, but I’m not sure if I really need that many. I’m planning to make sauce for freezing which i did last year and also try my hand for the first time at canning. What are your thoughts on how many plants I should plan on? Oh, and I’ll definitely be eating tomato sandwiches too 😂

    I was also thinking I would get a few Juliet plants if you have them.

    I also look forward to trying your homemade chocolate- dark chocolate is the way to go!

    I hope to be to you by 10; If possible would you be able to save me 2 quarts of Pecan Farm plain yogurt and also 1 large jar of Mica Farm raw honey? If you can’t, I understand!


  2. Thinking of you, your life, your precious Tulsi, and the beautiful greens with no insect bites that I can see. Oh, to live a bit closer to you—-

    Much love and happy everything.

  3. Jenny;

    I’m so sorry I can’t get up there this morning; I need to go to the emergency clinic cause my eye is scratched or something (woke up this morning and can’t open it without severe discomfort).


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