One thought on “good food news

  1. Congratulations and yes, I am taking good care of myself and wishing you two all the best on this new addition. I do hope you continue to stay well and healthy so that you can feed your area with nutritious food, laughter, and music. I always read your articles and send love your way although I do not always respond. It made my heart sing when i know you had met your goal. Now I will take the amount of money I planned to send you ($50.00) and share fit with someone else. Never forget that you are our future, so be kind to each other and continue with your good work of taking care of this great big ball we call home.

    Much love and again CONGRATULATIONS!

    Kathryn Gillenwater

    On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, Jenny Jack Sun Farm wrote:

    > Jenny and Chris Jackson posted: “Last week I came to you with a loan > proposal for a new farm greenhouse structure to be constructed this winter. > Many of you immediately lended and within 24 hours we successfully > transitioned from…to read more click here Vol.9 #27 (10-18-16)” >

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