Last week of Winter Market + Music at the Farm!


Last Friday night, about 75 folks had the pleasure of hearing The New Millennium Jelly Rollers perform at the farm. Max Godfrey, the bearded musician, was an apprentice here in 2012. Prior to coming to work with us, Max had worked on a farm in Vermont where traditional work songs were a large part of the farming culture. He studied the recordings of Alan Lomax, the oral historian who collected field recordings of American folk music of the 20th century. Max began teaching these songs to other farmers through workshops and conferences. He also sang them everywhere he could- from fields to farmer’s markets.

Max sang in our fields a lot as he worked. His Appalachian sound would totally mesmerize anyone who happened to be around. He even taught us some work songs.  One of my favorite farm memories was Max’s bellowing voice coming across the field to me as I planted sweet potatoes after dark. Chris was gone to a Faith and Food Conference where Wendell Berry was speaking, thus the working after dark. We don’t ask our apprentices to work the same hours we do because they would burn out by summer, thus the working by myself.  It was early May, a balmy and breezy evening. The soil was cool against my bare feet and although my body ached from the day’s work continuing, I was filled with a deep joy at the feeling of being immersed in the elements, doing work that I love, all to a soundtrack of this ancient sounding music coming from Max.

Max met Elias at Middlebury college in Vermont.  They both play a heap of instruments, and each recently cut solo albums and an album together, which you can buy here:

Thanks to all who came out on Friday night! Everyone seemed to enjoy it so much that we’ve asked them to come back next year.

Taking New CSA Members!

We’ve given last year’s members the first chance to secure their share, now we are signing up new members. If you are interested in joining, please read the CSA brochure for 2016 for all the details. To secure your share, fill out the shareholder agreement and mail that to us along with your payment to the address in the brochure. You can pay by check, cash, or through Dwolla on our website under the “Payments” tab.

Last Winter Market this Wednesday

This is the last Wednesday for our winter market. We will open 9-5 this Wednesday, February 24th, then we will close in March to focus on planting and preparing for our CSA to start in April. The On Farm market will re-open the first Wednesday of April (the 6th), and we will return to the Uptown Market in Columbus early to mid April.

*The winter market is help yourself, so please bring cash or check for payment as we are not always in the barn to run a card.*

This week, we’ll have Carrots, Spinach, Kale, Watermelon Radish,  Rainbow Chard, Sunchokes, Collards, Limited Eggs, and Stone Ground Grits.

If you can’t make it to the market in the morning, feel free to call or text me to see if we are sold out before you drive on out: 706-333-4479.


We have already sold out of everything except the cured ham steaks. What a testament to the quality of this pork to sell everything so quickly during our slowest market season! Sorry if you missed out this harvest, but we will have more available when we open again on April 6th.

From the “Farmacy”…. Tinctures (Medicinal extracts of herbs): Ginger, Turmeric, Elderberry, and Holy Basil.   Comfrey- Aloe Cream for minor wounds, rashes and burns. All medicinal herbal products are made here with herbs/plants grown here. We ship the herbal products, so if you are out of town you can order these through our Etsy Shop

take good care,

Jenny + Chris


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