good food news

This time of year there are so many reasons to be thankful for an outside farm job: an unending burning blue sky, transformative breezes…to read more click here Vol.8 #9 (05-19-15)

2 thoughts on “good food news

  1. I need to find out about your hogs. You say you sell lard rendered from your hogs, but do you do it yourself or have someone else do it for you? Where are the hogs kept in relation to your vegetable gardens? Please send all info you can asap. Thanks, Lorine Mitchell

    • We render the lard ourselves. When their time comes to an end, we take the hogs to a certified processor. They cut the fat off and return it to us. We cook it slowly until in melts into lard. Our hogs are on pasture and wooded lots adjacent to our vegetable fields. They are allowed plenty of space to roam and forage for food, and what they forage for is supplemented with veggie scraps and a Non GMO, Soy Free feed.

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