good food news

The old man in the long Lincoln Town Car died yesterday. Perry Gene Williams visited the farm nearly every single day, carefully weaving down…to read more click here Vol.7 #19(08-26-14)

2 thoughts on “good food news

  1. Chris, I loved your tribute to Perry.
    I was fortunate to see him at the farm a couple of times.
    He certainly did make an impression and always left you with a smile
    on your face.
    “tighten up ” that’s hilarious!!
    I’m sure he will be missed at Jenny Jack Sun Farm.
    Great pictures!!

  2. That’s the most beautiful way of being his friend- listening and loving him; this writing makes it so clear y’all did both well. Surely the farm & y’all’s work gave Perry hope for others’ instincts and a comfortable place to be and share himself. Thank you for sharing him with us, too.

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