good food news

Days like today, sparingly injected into the calendar, are therapeutic. All day rain and clouds spur reflective pause, quieting our minds and bodies to reflect on work accomplished. We used this morning to shell pecans, organize the barn, and seed in the greenhouse… to read more click here Vol. 6 #3 (04-04-13)

4 thoughts on “good food news

  1. Beautiful writing, Chris. Suggestion: During those long, cold, wintry nights, write a collection of essays.

  2. Oh Chris

    What an amazing post! I was just sharing with a friend how we pride ourselves on our busy -ness. We wear it as a badge of honor. You hit the nail on the head. What insight and wisdom you have for your young years. When are you gonna write that book? Next winter maybe?

    Thanks for stretching me and helping we put feet to my Christian walk.

    You too take good care

    Pam Rogers Sent from my iPad

  3. Life’s greatest pleasures are the small wonders that happen each and every day and so often we fail to take time to notice them. Thank you for reminding us that a slower pace of life is not laziness and that busyness is not always good. I love rainy days for a host of reasons but mainly for the quietness they bring and the beauty of the world when it is freshly bathed.

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