good food news

We’re open here at the farm on Wednesday morning, 9-12 this week. Our next  “First Saturday”  On Farm Market  will be July 6th. Same time as Wednesdays: 9 am till Noon. We will not be at any other markets off the farm this year.

Here’s what’s on the table this week:

Tomatoes!: Big Red Slicers, ‘Juliets’ & ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’, ‘Sungolds’,  Watermelon, Carrots, Beets,  Microgreens, Microcilantro, Okra, Cucumbers, Sweet peppers, Shishitos, Eggplant, Watermelon Radishes, Kale, Sweet Asian Turnips, Dill, Basil, Lime Basil (a favorite for making sun tea around here!), Holy Basil (aka Tulsi), Blueberries, Sweet Potatoes, Onions,  Lettuce, Cabbage, Kohlrabi and a few flowers.

Still some transplants left from the plant sales: mostly flowers and basil and oregano plus some pretty ornamental peppers!

Yogurt & Granola from Pecan Point Farm, Meat and Eggs from Turntime Farm, Lamb from Fall Line Farm in Auburn, Local Honey back from Mica Hill Farm! Turmeric Golden Paste, Farm-Made Chocolate with farm grown flavors like strawberry, ginger, and rosemary mint. Goddess Ghee, clarified butter made from grass-fed cow’s milk. New Product: Lauren’s Specialty Foods(From Columbus): Basil Pesto(Our Basil!), Sundried Tomato Pesto, Salad Dressing, Pimiento Cheese.

Sue’s B’s Granola Bars, Sourdough bread from Amazing Grace and Whole Wheat Sourdough from Wheat the People. Other baked goodies like scones, muffins, and sunflower seed cookies from Emerald Acres Farm.


Jarfly, a restaurant in Columbus, has ordered slicing tomatoes the past two weeks so if you get a chance stop by and ask for a tomato from our farm.

Melissa, a good friend and past employee, stopped by the farm for a few hours of berry picking in the berry jungle.

Jenny and Tulsi during a morning of lettuce and flower harvesting.

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