SAVE THE DATE, April 5th & 6th: Plant Sale, Gardening Class, & Tour

On Friday and Saturday, April 5th & 6th, we will be having an On Farm Plant Sale from 10 am-3 pm.

Plants for sale: Basil, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers (sweet and hot), squash, cucumbers, melons, okra, herbs, flowers from our farm PLUS native azaleas and other ornamental shrubs from Lazy K nursery! Also available for your garden: bagged compost, organic fertilizers, cover crop seed AND veggie, herb and flower seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Friday is just the plant sale, but Saturday, in addition to selling plants and setting up our on-farm market (veggies, meat, yogurt, bread, all the goodness!), Jenny will be leading a class titled: Tips for a successful organic garden from 9-10 and Chris will be leading a free farm tour from 10-11.

The cost for the class is $10 and can be paid on Saturday. Please send us an e-mail to reserve your spot though!!!!

On Farm Market reopens soon!

Our On Farm Market will re-open on Wednesday, April 3rd. We’re open every Wednesday morning 9- 12 April through mid December. This year we’ll also be open at the farm the first Saturday morning of each month, April  through December, 9 am – 12 pm. We will not attend the Uptown Market in Columbus, so we hope you Columbus folks can make it up to Pine Mountain to shop with us here some Wednesdays or Saturdays!

Columbus Botanical Garden Plant Sale

We’ll also be selling veggie, herb and flower transplants at the Columbus Botanical Garden plant sale April 12th and 13th.



Sowing several kinds of basil last month for the plant sale. The Krishna Tulsi, which is a Red Holy Basil, will be a new variety for us!


Pig has started joining us at the farm, daily. It only takes 20 minutes to get him from our house to the farm in the stroller, as opposed to the 2 minute walk it used to be.


The 2019 Crew at lunch on a chilly day last week. We are thrilled to have part time workers Jenn and Wendi come back this season. Zane and Shana are the new full time apprentices, both are from suburbs north of Atlanta. These four have helped get 1000s of spring transplants in the ground, such as onions, chard and broccoli.

Hope to see y’all here soon!

Chris, Jenny and Tulsi


2 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATE, April 5th & 6th: Plant Sale, Gardening Class, & Tour

  1. Jenny and Chris,

    We hope that you are doing well.

    When does the Spring season Thursday fruit/vegetable pick up begin this year? We are heading to Oregon next week and won’t be back until the week before Easter, so we might be missing the beginning of the season (like last year). If it starts soon, we wanted to let some friends get our share while we are gone but would need to know what dates to tell them. I have a feeling it starts in May, which really works out better for us, but just wanted to check in.

    Thanks for your help.


    • Hey Bob

      The first pickup will be on Thursday April 18th. Hopefully yall will be back by then. Looking forward to seeing you. The
      Oregon trip sounds nice, have a good time. If you’re not going to be back feel free to send whoever and we will make sure they get
      your food. take care


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