2 thoughts on “good food news

  1. Hi Guys! Thought I could make it up today but no, so would it be possible for you to bring some things for me to buy?            3 bunches of Green garlic, 4 quarts of strawberries, 2 bags of spinach and 2 ground pork(hot if you have it but any okay) 2 beets and a microgreen ………if not i will try to make it to town Saturday. Thank You ,hope to see you soon!  Love, Carol

  2. Good morning Chris & Jenny!!!
    LOVED the newsletter! Your next to last sentence inspired sweet meditation. We have always called our large family (now sitting at 12) Team Summers. I realized that your “fierce confidence” is exactly what I feel towards each member of my ‘team’. By God’s grace the “intrepid grace” we show towards one another brings such peace and joy despite the seemingly impossibility of it during life’s tortuous, wonderful “uncomfortable unknown”! Thank you for the reminder to hold fast to that truth!!

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