Here comes the season!

Our plants, produce and pork are on their way to you starting this weekend!


Chris cultivating the walking rows of the kale and broccoli field with the much loved, antique, Farmall model A.

The spring crops are looking abundant and radiant and ready for harvest.  We are eager to begin this season’s harvest and start bringing the farm goods to the following markets:

The Columbus Uptown Market starts this Saturday, April 1st (9-12).

Our On Farm Market starts next Wednesday, April 5th (9-12).

CSA deliveries start next week (April 4th- LaGrange, 5th- On Farm, and 6th- Columbus).

The Columbus Botanical Garden Plant Sale is next week: Friday April 7th and Saturday, April 8th (and members only Thursday, April 6th).

At our On Farm Market, we’ll have spring produce, vegetable and herb plants, herbal tinctures, and farm raised, heritage hog pork for sale. Chris will resume his weekly newsletter next week so look for his letter and a list of what will be available before Wednesday.

At the Columbus Market this weekend, we’ll also be bringing produce, plants and pork. Normally, strawberries are reserved for our CSA members, but we’ve had such an abundance with the early spring so we’re bringing a ton to the market this Saturday!!


Looking to be a mighty fine strawberry harvest this spring!


The new greenhouse is very full of plants destined for our fields and for sale. Its been so nice to have a bigger space to spread out in. Also, having a real heater was a huge relief when the deep freeze hit a few weeks ago. In our old greenhouse, we only had small electric space heaters, which could barely keep the temps above freezing. I felt like we’d graduated to professional growers when I was able to turn on the big propane heater on those cold nights. And entering our 11th season as full time farmers, its about time to feel like a professional I’d say 🙂 I’m still in awe that Chris figured out how to wire that monster (and the rest of the greenhouse) with no previous electrical experience. What a relief to know the thousands of cold sensitive plants like tomatoes and basil would survive!

Looking forward to seeing all you thoughtful supporters of small, local farms again soon!!

Take good care,

Jenny + Chris

3 thoughts on “Here comes the season!

  1. So glad to see you will be at the market tomorrow! Tom and I won’t be able to there until after 11:00. Is it possible for you to save two containers of strawberries for us? Thanks, Amelia

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