CSA, Opening Markets, and Spring Plant Sales


We still have CSA memberships for the 2017 season!


Our all star, all female crew this year planing broccoli and kale. These ladies have hit the ground running the past week, planting thousands of other seedlings too: cabbage, chard, spinach, green onions, and kohlrabi to name a few.

How to join:

For all the details on dates,  pricing, pick up locations, etc., read the csa-brochure-spring-summer-2017

Print and fill out the shareholder agreement found in the brochure and mail that along with your payment to the address in the brochure. Half or partial payment is fine for now, but payment secures your share, not an email telling us you’d like to join 🙂

Markets starting up soon!

Our On Farm Market will begin on April 5th and will be open every Wednesday morning from 9-12 through December 20th.

The Columbus Uptown Market will begin Saturday, April 1st. We will be there through September.


New apprentices Ann and Kelley using a tool Chris made last year that has become a real game changer: a row marker. The grid pattern that this tool leaves in the soil makes transplanting go so much faster than before.

Attention Home Gardeners: Plants for Sale!




We’ll have many harder to find heirloom varieties as well as the standard ones.

We will be selling veggie transplants for the first few weeks of spring at BOTH the On Farm and Columbus Markets as well as the Columbus Botanical Garden Plant Sale April 7-8th. Garden Solutions Nursery in LaGrange is also selling our plants.

So if you are planning your garden, plan to get your tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, basil, and more from us this season! We use high quality compost and worm castings in our home made potting mix, so your garden soil is sure to be inoculated with a myriad of beneficial microbes when you plant our transplants. Mark your calendars!




Whether you will be shopping with us at market or joining the CSA, we  look forward to growing for you this season!

Your Growers,

Jenny + Chris

One thought on “CSA, Opening Markets, and Spring Plant Sales

  1. So excited to see you all soon…..hurray for Spring! Looking good out there….Go girls!!

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