What’s at Winter Market this Week

What’s at the On Farm Market This Week:


We still have these big beautiful winter carrots for sale at our On Farm Market!

We’re open 9-5 on Wednesdays through February. We’ll close in March to focus on planting and preparing for our CSA to start in April. The On Farm market will re-open the first Wednesday of April (the 6th), and we will return to the Uptown Market in Columbus early to mid April.

(Other vendors are at the Uptown market year round now, so you can find fresh food on Broadway on Saturdays mornings now!)

*The winter market is help yourself, so please bring cash or check for payment as we are not always in the barn to run a card.*

This week, we’ll have Carrots, Spinach, Kale, Watermelon Radish, Mustard Greens, Lettuce, Rainbow Chard, Sunchokes, Collards, Blemished Sweet Potatoes, Jean’s Microgreens, Limited Eggs, and Stone Ground Grits.

Next week our heritage pork is back! Chops, Ham Steaks, Ribs, Sausage and more will be for sale.

From the “Farmacy”….

Tinctures (Medicinal Extracts): Ginger, Turmeric, Elderberry, and Holy Basil. Also, Hibiscus/Mint/Lemongrass Tea.  Comfrey- Aloe Cream for minor wounds, rashes and burns. All medicinal herbal products are made here with herbs/plants grown here. We ship the herbal products, so if you are out of town you can order these through our Etsy Shop

This Winter, you can also find our produce on the menu of Pine Mountain’s newest restaurant: 153 Main Bistro.

Chef Richard has been ordering a nice selection of greens and roots from the farm this winter. If you’ve eaten there, you may have had our arugula, carrots, rainbow chard, kale, mustard greens, watermelon radish, or sunchokes. Any chef (or home cook for that matter) that orders a good amount of sunchokes has a special place in my heart……so many people are intimidated by these crazy looking edible sunflower roots, but they are one of my favorite veggies! They make the crunchiest pickle ever.

If you go to 153, be prepared to wait, especially if you go on a weekend. The word is out that this is the place to be and lots of folks are coming to our little town to experience it.


Looks like ginger, tastes like a potato with a hint of sweetness. Behold, the mighty SUNCHOKE!

And speaking of local restaurants that support us, Chef John Makin at The Bakery and Cafe at Rose Cottage will be getting a whole hog from us next week to make his own sausage and charcuterie for the restaurant. John is incredibly talented and we can’t wait to try what he does with our heritage pork!


The greenhouse is slowly filling up with baby spring crops! Cabbage, kale, collards, beets (trying to transplant them this year to keep the fire ants from eating our seeds), spinach, Napa cabbage, lettuce, mustard greens, and chard are all growing quickly with these warm days!

Take good care,

Jenny + Chris

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