One thought on “good food news

  1. Oh my goodness, so much sweetness in one heart- or 5 hearts that become one for a day.

    Chris, I somehow am so inadequate at thanking you and Ronnie both specifically for all the work you do preparing for and during the dinner. It’s easier to go on about the girls, I guess. Every time I interrupted you walking with great purpose, you acted like my request was top priority and then got 3 jobs done at once, without complaining. You and Jenny have taught me that the title, farmer, means SO MUCH MORE than that. I am always humbled to work for y’all and with y’all and very proud to be your friend. Kelly’s, too. She works selflessly and makes every task a little easier.

    Thank you for spelling out all the stuff about me caring so much and practicing local cooking. It’s something that is simple and obvious and I don’t care if anybody knows anything about me being a good cook or a creative cook but those things you said mean a lot to me and are all I need as my résumé.

    Maggie’s photos are beautiful. Our team looks so bonafide!

    So, back to work, huh? It’s been nice to just work in my garden! I am excited to get back to the market in the morning, for sure.

    I love you both, the farm and of course and always, the People!


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