3 thoughts on “good food news

  1. Hey Chris,

    Loved this post. The bus ride reminds me of a Canterbury tale-type pilgrimage.

    Hey I’d love go see SFR tomorrow night. Would you like to ride together? I’d be happy to pick you and Jenny up.

    Let me know.

    Peace, Jeff+

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  2. Chris, Your most recent post is as always thoughtful, but also really made me pause. You share a perspective and wisdom it’s taken much of my life to appreciate. Being one who lives in the big city and is surrounded by all the gadgets and conveniences we are told we “need” – it was so refreshing to read your thoughts. I have always loved getting away from any big city, that’s one of the reasons I have loved helping Lisa at her farm. It helps me readjust my priorities and now when things break down or the electricity goes out etc…. I actually enjoy the stillness of not having for a while whatever convenience it was supposed to provide. My middle child, Jane, who I think you have met, appreciates your perspective wholeheartedly! She’s also a Wendell Berry fan and will enjoy reading your post when I pass it on to her!

    Again, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts!

    All my best to you and Jenny, Ann Strader

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  3. Thanks Chris for another beautifully written journal entry!
    I’m glad you got to experience Wendell Berry”s lecture and travel to Tennessee. I can’t believe it was $14 round trip:))
    I hope that one day you will write books like Wendell Berry!!
    xo melissa

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