3 thoughts on “good food news

    • Our CSA customers are entitled to refunds if they so wish, although in 7 years we have only had 1 person ask for a refund. Our small farm is so diversified that if some crops are lost, we have several more to take their place or we purchase other local produce to supplement what they get from our farm. Our members always get the value of produce they paid for, and most years the harvests have been so bountiful that our members get more than what they paid for.
      Reporting the hardships of the season in this week’s newsletter certainly was not meant to indicate that the farm is going under! Sorry if we alarmed any of our members! Chris only meant to share what’s really going on out here.

  1. Like the preacher on Sunday who speaks humbly after making all kinds of human mistakes himself throughout the week, your newsletter makes us all feel better for being normal, fragile, human. Thank you for reminding us that all the hard work and love in the world still does not make it perfect, nor us for our toiling. Thank you for reminding us to be more like children- asking forgiveness and forgiving.For all the beauty and bounty y’all provide, all the happiness you exude, it might be a little easier to stand tall and proud and look pretty, smiling at all your members and on the magazine covers (ha!). . . . but instead you share your hardships and learning experiences. It makes us feel real and helps us stay in touch with the real world. Oh, goodness how I love you and your dirty, worn hands, Jenny! And you and your words, Chris! love,Shannon

    Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 01:31:42 +0000 To: foodblossoms@hotmail.com

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