good food news

The end of our farm marketing year is approaching faster than an Old Testament famine. Our very last delivery on Saturday, November 19th marks the end of our 4th year as full-time farmers and the beginning of a winter full of projects, travel, and deep stares into the fire… to read more click here vol.4 #30 (11-02-11)

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3 thoughts on “good food news

  1. Thanks for a great few months. We enjoyed all your produce and look forward to next year! It was fun to try new recipies and to see the difference in “fresh” veggies! Thanks a bunch! Ann Bacher

  2. oh that picture makes me laugh, too! I see how much you’ve all grown in a year of farming- you look just like kids there but oh-so-much-the-wiser-farmers, already! I love y’all, too and will keep darkening your door looking for that fire this winter until the next season of food.

  3. Tempus fugit, it’s already almost winter. We never knew that veggies grew soo big or tasty until we found you guys! Such cabbages have never been seen by these eyes , plus YUMMY! It has been a lovely year learning new recipes and not going to super markets too often. Really looking forward to next year. Hope you have a regenerative warm winter! Thank You , Carol, Todd and family

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